ntk - the Nolimitzzz Toolkit Documentation

How does it all work ?

As mentioned above, the ntk framework builds a standard document structure of a webpage by setting up various html elements required.
This document structure is built dynamically upon request, during program execution. When an html element is added, as far as it consists of a start and an end tag, with each of these tags, a "build_content" call for a related hook is inserted.

A related hook is a function, that will then be hooked to the corresponding element with an "add_content" call, and so will be executed when the
related element is created and allows you to specify your custom content, that will then be rendered.

In the implementation you will define several files containing functions that should create the content you like.

You will have to use one file per page. The naming should begin with "ntk_" and be followed with the title of the page, see the example above.